Begin by removing your clothes and accessories from your wardrobe.  this way you can see exactly what you're dealing with. Place items in categories, trousers in one pile, coats in another, shoes in another and so on, so that you can spot repeat buys, it's OK to have seven variations on a navy sweater if you wear all of them. You'll also rediscover forgotten gems.

Questions to ask yourself whilst clearing out.  Have I worn that shirt in the past year? Does that skirt still fit me? Do I feel comfortable wearing it? If the answer to any of the above is no, expel the offending item to a donate/resell pile.

If an item brings you joy or has a sentimental attachment, even if you wear it only once a year, don't throw it out. Instead, make sure that it is clean, that any lost buttons or broken zips have been replaced, and that it is clean. This way you are more likely to reach for it on at any time.

Ask a friend or a personal stylist whose opinion you trust to sit with you while you try on pieces. They will offer an honest assessment of whether an item suits your body shape and personality. This can be particularly useful if you find it difficult to throw things out.

If you're unsure about an item and no one is available to offer an opinion in person, take a photograph and initiate a yes/no poll, private DM a friend. Rejects can be passed on to an admiring friend.

Don't forget your T-shirt and underwear drawers. Greying T-shirts that are past their best should be recycled - most councils offer a textile recycling service.

If anything is hanging in your wardrobe with its price tag still on, it should go on the donate/resell pile. And never keep anything in the hope that you'll lose weight, it might never happen. Having the piece in your wardrobe will only make you feel bad about your self and we don’t need that! We are all about being positive.

Once you've decided what to throw away, assess what can be resold on Ebay, Vestiaire Collective or your local designers vintage shop.

Write a list of any of the duplicate mistakes you have made - a pale pastel hue that doesn't suit your skin tone, a neckline that's unflattering - so that you don't make the same mistakes when you go shopping again.

 Invests in quality hangers they add immediate value to your wardrobe. Hang your clothes according to colour or clothing category. As you return pieces to your wardrobe.

Think about what might be missing and start making a list. The jacket that goes with everything. A pair of jeans that can work day to night.  Key pieces that are missing to make you capsule wardrobe and take it to another level

 The clothes we wear are an expression of who we are and can have a dramatic impact on how we feel. I strive to empower the women I work with, reasserting their identity and rediscovering their true personality. If you are looking for some help or advice with style please get in touch.