Set Goal

Start your style journey by taking a good look at your current wardrobe. What do you like about the clothes you wear and what needs to change? Do you want to curb impulse buys and improve your shopping habits? Step out of your comfort zones and discover what types of clothes give you confidence? Build up a versatile wardrobe?

Collect inspiration

The best way to discover your personal style is to think about who your style guru is. Look  through magazines, Pinterest, blogs. Watch films, old and modern. Look at the actors, models and what they wear off duty. What vibe, era, look have you always been attracted to? Pin cut out all the image that makes your heart flutter in some way. Make a vision board of your favourite looks and slowly a style will emerge from the collection of images.


Now that you have collected plenty of inspiration and discovered what type of clothes you are drawn to in magazines and blogs, you need to find out what shapes suit your body type. Experiment, try on different styles and pay attention to how you like things to fit and your favourite combinations. I will also post body types on the blog very soon.

Detox your wardrobe

Reserve at least a full afternoon to go through your wardrobe piece by piece and get rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel confident and inspired. (Blog post to follow)


The perfect wardrobe should not only be tailored to your personal style, but also to your lifestyle! Look at your diary and see what outfits are needed for the next month. Do you work from home, office? Do you need outfits that will work for you day to night?  Are you rushing from the office to the school run? Do you need more casual items most of the time?

Map out your ideal wardrobe

Now that you have a good idea of your personal style and your lifestyle, think about what your ideal wardrobe would look like. In fact, don’t just think about it, map it out piece-by-piece! That way, when it’s time to go shopping, you can make sure that each new piece fits into the larger framework of the wardrobe you are working towards.

Overhaul your wardrobe

Time to shop! Write a list of everything you want to buy eventually and organise it by priority. What pieces would have the biggest impact on your closet and your ability to express your style? Buy those first!

Build a repertoire of outfits

Get to know your new and improved wardrobe inside out, and build up a set of favorite go-to looks! Practice creating outfits that you love and that represent your personal style 100%. Photograph your outfits and have them on the inside of your wardrobe. Categories weekend, work, home etc. Make getting dressed in the morning something you look forward to.

Shop smart

To make sure your revamped wardrobe stays in great shape, have a closer look at your usual approach to shopping and how you could improve it. Are you a chronic bargain-hunter and impulse shopper, but want to learn how to make smarter purchasing decisions? A freshly overhauled wardrobe is a great motivation to finally do that!

alexa de castilho