Divorce, child birth, empty nest, menopause, new job,. They are all times in our life where we experience change, and as a result can lose our confidence and sense of self, feeling lost and invisible in our lives. Rediscovering ourselves and finding our personal style can give us the boost we need to regain our self confidence and to move on from stages in our life in which we have become stuck.

    Throughout life our style evolves and our needs and priorities change. The clothes we wear are an expression of who we are and can have a dramatic impact on how we feel.

    I can help you to rediscover your style and to express your personality through the clothes you wear, guiding you towards the pieces that work for your lifestyle and your needs.

    When you know the rules for your body shape and have the right pieces to work with, getting dressed stops being an everyday chore and becomes something we look forward to.


    As a personal stylist with a background in jewellery design and interiors, I have a strong sense of style and an in-depth knowledge of the world of fashion.

    Originally training as a guilder and furniture restorer and then as a colour therapist, I ran my own lighting design business before becoming one half of Black Parrots Studio, designing and styling interiors and furnishings for commercial and residential properties which were subsequently stocked in selfridges and harrods . I have also run my own jewellery company since 2003 becoming a Professional Jeweller Hot 100 Winner in 2014 and regularly being featured in the fashion press.

    I have long worked with image and colour and experienced the impact of these on our emotions. I strive to empower the women I work with, reasserting their identity and rediscovering their true personality.