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The psychological power of clothing is often underestimated. Making the right choices with personal presentation can influence a person’s mood which in turn affects confidence, behavior and performance.



We start with a conversation about your style aspirations, what you would like your clothes to communicate, and we work out how your personality translates through your image.

Whether your body shape has changed over the years, or your lifestyle is changing and you haven’t a clue how to dress for it. Once you know why certain colours, shapes and styles are right for you, shopping and putting together outfits becomes easy and fun. You will look good all the time.

Your wardrobe edit includes:

understand what colours suit you.

Guidance on how to dress for your body shape.

New outfit inspiration.

Style discussion so you have a clearer idea on what YOUR style looks like.

Shopping list of items I think will make your wardrobe work better

photos of you in outfits.

Make a pile of clothes that need adjusting.

Get rid of clothes that don't fit you and don't suit you.

. London and Brighton


PERSONAL SHOPPING Including vintage

Style is not only about the outside appearance. We will explore Who you are. How do you want the world to view you. What is important to you, what are you naturally drawn to? We can then match your core values and personality to your style. You have all the answers. Using your intuition and story I can help you discover it.

We intuitively know what our style is. It’s about who we are inside - before the facade goes up. Its not about following trends but learning a deeper meaning of our own style. Lets rejoice in our personality and find ways to show it with the right clothes that suit your body type and lets have a load of fun whilst doing it.

Well prepared with your body shape knowledge after your wardrobe detox, we will have a list of items needed for your wardrobe.

Your personal shopping includes·

Guidance on which colours suit your skin tone

Help on what to buy that complement your existing wardrobe

Fresh ideas on how to put new outfits together

Finding clothes that express your style personality

Valuable styling tips throughout the session

My honest and expert opinion

. London and Brighton



Swapping and exchanging clothes as well as being an energetically giving gift is a gift to our planet. We cannot continue to consume at our existing rate and need to reprogram our mind-set and change our attitude towards fashion. Trends don’t have to be followed as style is far longer lasting. I create clothes swap parties and have evenings where you can get together with your friends and talk about fashion, style. With me there to help any style questions.

Get the lowdown on the latest Catwalk trends, and how to make them work for you

Discover your body shape, and the styles and shapes that flatter you.

Find out how to achieve a timeless, multi tasking, long lasting wardrobe.

Learn how to build and accessorize outfits, and the key seasonal pieces to invest in.

Find out the essential building blocks, to create the perfect capsule wardrobe

London and Brighton